Featured! Intimate Weddings- DIY Vintage Burlap Programs

They say the magic is in the details…and when it comes to making your dream wedding a reality, this is absolutely the truth! Of course for my big day,  I focused on the paper goods to reinforce our vintage-garden theme. One of my most beloved creations- the stitched burlap ceremony programs and it is an honor to have the DIY tutorial featured on Intimate Weddings today!

Be sure to visit Intimate Weddings blog for information on materials and DIY instructions! And HUGE thank you to the oh-so-incredible  Jenny Martell Photography for the dreamy images!

Memento Designs Burlap Programs

12 Responses to “Featured! Intimate Weddings- DIY Vintage Burlap Programs”

  1. Well deserved recognition of some well crafted, vintage wedding invitations!

  2. My most favorite wedding programs ever!!

  3. You created so many stunning items to make your wedding unique and beautiful…but I must say, these progams were my favorite. Pictures don’t do them justice.

  4. So beautiful and so different! Love your work !!

  5. I am trying to recreate the programs you made for my wedding. They are so beautiful! Is there any way you might be willing to share your word doc template for the insides of the program. I really liked the design I saw on the DIY wedding site but can’t find a template like it anywhere!

  6. I LOVE your programs, how did you cut the burlap to make it look so perfect and not frayed?

  7. Hi Kylie!
    Thank you so much! To cut the burlap, I made a scalloped edge template and cut out each piece using the template as my guide. As long as you use sharp scissors and a tightly woven burlap, the fabric should not fray. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions!
    Jennifer Claire

  8. I am trying to find this template but the Intimate Wedding website is not working. Is there any where else I can find this template? I would love to use it for my upcoming wedding next month.

  9. Hi Amy,
    I actually do not have a “template” for the design. I simply used Microsoft Word to type the information. Please let me know if you have any other questions and best wishes creating your programs!

    Jennifer Claire

  10. Hi Jennifer!
    These are wonderful and I’m trying to recreate them for my wedding. Did you wrap the burlap around to the back of the program? I’m about to start that process–I have a sample from Uline.

  11. For the designs, above the wedding party and on the first page was that clip art? If so where would I find it? I am seriously MW challenged and need more than a little help!

  12. Hi Tenley, The artwork I used for in the program are graphics from my personal collection. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!
    Jennifer Claire

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