Get with the Program!

When designing the programs for my wedding, I started with the must have elements: Burlap. Stitching. Vintage patterned paper.  The design evolved from there and the final product turned out to be the perfect memento for our garden wedding. Keep reading for a brief how-to!







To make, I began by printing 2 pages per sheet, front and back. By printing 2 pages per sheet, I was able to save a ton of paper and reduce the overall cost of the project.  I then followed up by cutting each sheet directly down the center margin with my paper cutter. For the back cover, I used recycled Kraft cardstock and a collection of different vintage patterned papers for the front cover.  The final layer was a piece of scalloped edge burlap fabric, which tied in perfectly with burlap cones filled with hydrangeas we used for the aisle decor. To hold all of  the individual layers together, I machine sewed down the left margin with a running stitch in a chocolate brown thread.

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  1. Love the additions to your blog!! Keep up the good work!

  2. It really is the smaller details that add so much to an event. These programs stole the show at your wedding! As well as the broaches, table pieces and all the many other things you created for your wedding. They were amazing! Truly the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

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  4. These programs are lovely. Not sure where I can find vintage inspired looking paper like this. Any help you can provide would be so appreciated. I’d love to try and make these for my upcoming wedding. Thank you!

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